Little Italy Baltimore, Maryland Special Events and Restaurants Part 2

Little Italy is a neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland situated east of the Inner Harbor. The city’s busiest restaurant districts are in Little Italy. During the 19th and 20th century, a large number of Italian immigrant families moved into the area, which is how it got the name of Little Italy. Today, this neighborhood is still home to a tight knit, large and active Italian ethnic community.

Part 2: Popular Restaurants in Little Italy


For over 12 years Amicci’s has provided Baltimore and Little Italy residents with the freshest Italian-American Cuisine in a very casual eatery. They serve seafood, chicken, pasta, and vegetarian entrees. The restaurant is located in a 100 year old row house in Historic Little Italy. They are famous for “homemade Italian Comfort Food, served in a relaxed, fun, and casual atmosphere. Favorite dish is: Pane Rotundo.

Caesar’s Den

Caesar’s Den is the perfect place for a special night, important meeting, party, wedding or anniversary. They are a full-restaurant with a goal of making occasions that involve food, special. They also offer more casual affairs for lunch and dinner options.

Café di Roma

Café di Roma boasts of some of the best homemade Gelato for desert anywhere and that includes even Italy! They make their Gelato fresh daily. It is low fat, but creamy and delicious as a treat. Flavors include assortments made with fresh fruits like peaches, mangos, raspberries and others. They also have an assortment of the traditional Italian varieties as well.
Café di Roma also boasts an assortment of Italian Pastries made by their own pastry chef. This is a unique coffee house serving a selection of Espresso, Cappuccino and other beverages.


Chiapparelli’s was voted restaurateur of the Year by the Restaurant Association of Maryland. It is one of Maryland’s best-known and most loved restaurants. This restaurant has passed from generation to generation for many years. Chiapparelli’s has a reputation for a dedication to serving high-quality Italian food. Brick walls provide a pleasant atmosphere for dining. The menu includes:

• Local seafood specials

• Delicious veal

• Homemade specialties

• One of Baltimore’s best-known salads

Banquet facilities and valet parking is also available at Chiapparelli’s.

Festivals held in Little Italy include:

• St. Anthony Festival

• St. Gabriel Festival

• Nationally recognized open-air Italian Film Festival

The St. Anthony festival is held in June and the St. Gabriel Festival is held in August around the historic landmark of St. Leo the Great’s Church which was built in 1880. The Great Fire of 1904 did not destroy the Great’s Church. Ever since the Great Fire, the Little Italy neighborhood holds a festival in the name of St. Anthony and celebrates Little Italy’s Salvation.

The open-air Italian Film Festival is held each Friday during the summer with live music and refreshments in the center of Little Italy.

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